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Battle Cats is a game for Android and iOS devices with the gameplay similar to tower defense. Software product starts with a battle between two pussycats, one light and one dark, with the second pussycat having more lives than the first. The player can choose to play as one of the two pussycats, with the goal of defeating the opponent. Player can choose to fight any of the cats on the map, if they win they will progress to a new map with a larger number of cats to fight. Is a free Battle Cats game download which was created by PONOS for Android and IOS devices. Application is a side scrolling game which is turn base. It’s a game where player has to tap the screen for a pussy to attack an enemy cat. The goal of software product is to defeat all enemy pussy and not let the enemy pussycat defeat the player.

Battle Cats is a mobile-based RPG game. Has a total of 10 different stages Battle Cats apk, each with a boss in the end. Software product is a side-scrolling game, in which you have to rescue pussycats from a floating island. In order to rescue the pussycats, player has to connect the two parts of the island, by tapping on screen. Cats can be rescued by tapping on them, then tapping the panel that they are on. Player can use a Hammer to destroy obstacles in way, or use a Bomb to destroy everything on screen.


Graphics in Battle Cats download PC are made up of a variety of pixelated graphics from old school video games from the 80s. Games graphics are not high definition, but they are colorful and have a lot of detail. Graphics for Battle Cats are simplistic, but they are entertaining and they work very well for this type of app. Graphics of software product are cartoon-like. They are not realistic and do not give a realistic feel. Graphics are not as detailed as some games, but they are not terrible. Graphics of the game Battle Cats Windows are drawn using pixel art, which is seen as nostalgic to some people. Graphics are drawn up to the standard of software product, game includes many different colours, which are used to indicate the different types of cats that game has.


Gameplay in Battle Cats PC download is a tower defense game, where the player is constantly going back and forth between fighting one pussycat and fighting a large number of other pussycats. Person has to constantly decide to fight one pussycat or group of pussycats, they constantly have to decide what type of pussycat to fight. Gameplay is constantly changing, but it’s constantly rewarding. Gameplay of software product is pretty simple. Player then has to wait for a few seconds for the enemy pussycat to attack the player. Both player and the enemy pussycat have 4 health bars which need to be eliminated. Players health bars are green and enemy pussycats are red. In order to defeat enemy pussycat player needs to tap on them 4 times. Gameplay of software product Battle Cats online free is addicting and once you start playing it it’s hard to stop. Software product is very simple and player only needs to tap on screen to attack opponent and swipe on the screen to dodge. Controls are very responsive and easy to master and player can get t next level very quickly. Game offers more than 100 levels and levels get more and more challenging.


There is no multiplayer in Battle Cats unblocked. Multiplayer of software product is not very good. There is not a lot of people playing game and matches are not balanced. Most of the matches are one sided with enemy pussycats winning.


Replayability in Battle Cat is high, because gameplay constantly changes and player is constantly rewarded. Game is designed to be played over and over again, as it has 10 different stages to play through. Software product Battle Cats download free is designed to be played with other people. Replayability of application is very high and player can play software product for hours and hours and never get bored. Software product is very addictive and player can spend hours and hours of playing and collecting new pussycats and leveling up and upgrading their pussycats.


  • What is purpose of the "Challenge" in the "Challenge" menu?
    It’s a different way to play the game. "Challenge" mode is a mode that puts a limit on your power to make it a challenge to play. Enemies in this mode will be much stronger and it’s possible to revive your Cat Base.
  • Why does my game suddenly close down?
    Game is only designed to work on a certain resolution. If resolution is too low, it may cause game to close.
  • How do I get more money?
    You can either wait for the end of the event or you can purchase gems.


Graphics and gameplay are simplistic, but they work well and they are constantly changing. Is constantly rewarding because player download Battle Cats is constantly rewarded with items to change the appearance of pussycat, person is constantly rewarded with items to equip their pussycat. The only issue with application is that there is no multiplayer, but replayability makes up for that.

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